Question: Why use an Engine Test Stand?

Any technician that has ever built more than one engine has struggled with issues including oil leaks, coolant leaks, faulty components, tuning issues, noises, and other failures. These issues have meant removing the engine from the vehicle and repairing the engine, only to replace it again. Time wasted! With an engine run stand, you can test the engine before you put it back into the vehicle. No wasted time. Defects, leaks, and noises can all be detected and repaired. The engine can be heat cycled and tuned, so the amount of time for the final installation of the engine is drastically reduced.


Question: Why have a four-port Radiator?

Different engines have different inlet and outlet ports: sometimes they are both on the left, but they can also be located on opposite sides. Running cooling hoses across the engine is cumbersome and often dangerous as it crosses the engine's pulleys. With the TSS Stand's four-port radiator, you can easily attach the closest port to the engine's inlet and outlet ports.


Question: Why purchase a foldable engine run stand?

Engine test stands are an extremely valuable tool when testing engines. Space, however, is a huge issue in any repair faculty, race trailer, workshop, or hobby work area. When they are not in use, commonplace engine run stands take up valuable real estate needed for other projects. When folded up, however, the TSS Engine Run Stand takes up only ¼ of its test-mode size. That's only 18” in length when folded!! Situated on the five caster wheels, it can be wheeled and stored with all of its fluids safely awaiting the next engine test.


Question: Why have Quad fans?

Cooling a radiator is all about passing a high volume of air through the radiator. This cooling effect, however, does not depend on the speed at which the air is moving, but rather the volume of air moved through the core. Having dual pushing and pulling fans moves double the volume of air. Huge horsepower is not a problem for the TSS Engine Run Stand


Question: What is the protector shroud on the TSS Radiator?

Radiator cores are sensitive and easily damaged. The radiator on an engine test stand is even more susceptible to damage, as it's open and has no grill or vehicle body to protect it. TSS Engine Run Stands have developed an aluminum shroud to hold the electric fans and protect the radiator’s core, both in the front and the back. Now there is little chance of any damage that might affect the stand's radiator when it is in use or stored.


Question: Why do I need a vacuum gauge?

In order to correctly tune and set the timing of an engine, a vacuum gauge is needed. Having a vacuum gauge ready at your disposal means there is no need for using extra tools when attaching the engine. The TSS Gauge Cluster includes this vital piece of equipment. Should you need to test a turbo-charged or super-charged engine, the vacuum gauge can also function as a boost gauge.


Question: What Engines can I test in a TSS Engine Run Stand?

These are just a few engines that our clients test on a daily basis in the TSS Engine Run Stand...

Chevrolet Small Block, Big Block V8, and V6 engines. Ford Windsor, Cleveland, Big Block V8, Model A, and Model T engines. Ford Flathead V8, Ford V6, Ford 4-cylinder, Mopar Small, and Big Block engines. Hemi’s, Pontiac V8s, Honda 4-cylinders, Honda V6s, BMW 4s,V6s, V8’s, Cadillac 12-cylinders, Jaguar 6s, and 12-cylinders. Lamborghini V12s, Cummins 6-cylinder Diesels, Caterpillar V8s, drag-racing engines, boat-racing engines, Toyota 4s and 6s,V8 engines, small airplane motors, and generator engines. 

Basically, if it is a gasoline or a small diesel engine, it can be run in a                         TSS Engine Run Stand!


Question: What is the TSS Patented Coolant Recovery System?

Anyone who has ever used an engine test stand to remove the engine has dealt with draining the coolant from the engine and cooling system. A messy and often difficult job, we all know. Once it has drained, what do you do with the coolant? It has to be stored somewhere. And what happens when the next time you decide to use your engine test stand, you can't find the coolant? You will have to open a new one. With the TSS Engine Run Stand, however, all of these possible issues can be avoided. The coolant is conveniently drained into the coolant cell with the simple turn of a ball valve: no spillage, no mess, and no wasted coolant.  The next time the TSS Engine Stand is needed to test an engine, the coolant is already in the coolant cell, ready to be used. The new engine is placed into the TSS Engine Run Stand, and with just the flip of a switch on the Gauge Cluster, the coolant is pumped back into the radiator and the engine’s cooling system.


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