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Time and Space Saving Engine Run Stands were developed by TRUEAutomotive Professionals. We have all been building engines for decades. In fact, there are over 100 years of experience amongst the developers of TSS Run Stands. Our board of designers consists of Formula One Engineers, Salt Flat speed record holders, awarded Hot Rod Builders, Performance Engine Builders, Drag Champions, Marine Engineers, and Diesel Engineers. 
Engine Test Stands have been around for as long as we can remember. Time has developed more usable versions, yet they all fall short in one way or another. Until now......
TSS Engine Run Stands have taken all requests into account and developed the first, fully-functional, usable, and TRULY PORTABLE Engine Run Stand.
TSS Coolant Recovery System
Anyone that has ever used an Engine Run Stand has disconnected the engine after use and has had to drain the coolant into a pan. The first time we came to use the Engine Run Stand, that coolant was no where to be found! TSS COOLANT RECOVERY SYSTEM includes a 6-gallon coolant tank: with the turn of a valve, the coolant drains into the recovery tank. On the next engine run, the coolant pump is activated on the control panel, and the coolant pumps back into the cooling system! No mess, no wasted coolant, and no fuss!!! It comes with a full gauge cluster, INCLUDING a vacuum and boost gauge. ALL the Gauges have Electronic sensors, so there is no mess or dripping of oil when it is disconnected. In addition, TSS uses gauges that have the widest range of compatibility, so the gauges will work with a broad range of sensors. Test sensors and additional fittings are included with TSS gauges.
The TSS Gauge Cluster is on a telescopic arm that rotates 360-degrees, so no matter where you are working on the engine, the gauge cluster is visible, AND the KILL SWITCH can be reached at any time.
Sensor leads are individually labeled AND attached to a retractable lead.
A 6-gallon fuel cell with return inlets is attached to a 120 PSi Fuel Pump and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. With the flip of a switch, the carburetor fuel pump produces 6 PSi fuel pressure for Carburetor Engines! 
For all Ford enthusiasts, a Ford Firewall mounted starter solenoid is included!
And we never forgot about Mopar lovers…we include an adapter for bell-housing mounted Mopar starters!


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