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Welcome to TSS Engine Run Stands

The Worlds 1st Truly Foldable Engine Run Stand

Time and Space Saving Engine Run Stand have been developed by TRUEAutomotive Professionals.

We have all been building Engines for decades.  In fact, there is over 100 years of experience amongst the developers of TSS Engine Run Stands.

We have Formula One Engineers, Salt Flat Speed Record holders, Awarded Hot Rod Builders, Performance Engine builders, Drag Champions, Marine Engineers, Diesel Engineers - all on our board of designers.


TSS Engine Run Stands   have taken all requests into account and developed a convenient, fully functional, and folds up to ¼ its size to make it completely portable Engine Run Stand.




  • TRULY Foldable and Portable Stand - shrinks to 1/4 its extended size - without the need of ANY Tools!!!
  • Six - YES 6 - 6" swivel, locking, metal hub polyurthene casters with a 3200 LBS capacity
  • TSS ENGINE RUN STANDS roll on existing 4 casters wheels when Folded for Easy Effortlessly Storage
  • TSS ENGINE RUN STAND's Aluminum 4 Port Radiator, Fuel Cell, Coolant Cell ALL Remain in engine stand for Ease of Storage and Ease of use when Engine Stand Is next needed!!
  • TSS Radiator has DUAL Electric Fans - pushing and pulling fans for huge horsepower 
  • TSS Protective Radiator shroud front and rear protects the radiator core from damage
  • TSS ENGINE RUN STANDS Proffesional Unit comes COMPLETE with Dual Carb and Fuel Injected Fuel Pumps
  • TSS ENGINE RUN STANDS come complete with TSS Patented Coolant Retrieval and Electric Coolant Pump so COOLANT is ALWAYS in engine Stand - NO WASTE -NO MESS
  • COMPLETE 5 Gauge Cluster INCLUDING Vacuum/Boost Gauge!!
  • Gauge Cluster swivels 360' So no matter where you are you can Monitor Gauges


TSS Engine Run Stands have developed their Stands with YOU - the REAL Engine Engineer who uses the Engine stand - in mind. You are the one who pays for the high cost of real estate in their Garage. So EVERY square inch is needed Right? 

The TSS Engine Run Stand is 1/4 it's extended size just 18" in lengh the TSS Engine Run Stand can be easily rolled away for storage on the 5 swivel, locking caster wheels.






  • Drag racers,
  • Performance Engine Builders,
  • Engine Rebuilders,
  • Marine Engine Builders,
  • Street Rod Engine Builders,
  • Domestic Engine Rebuilders
  • Hobbiests
  • Hot Rod Owners
  • Car Clubs,
  • Foreign Engine Rebuilders,
  • Wrecking yards to test engines,
  • Small Aircraft Engine Rebuilders,
  • Diesel Engine Rebuilders,
  • LS Engine Rebuilders and many many  more.

TSS Engine Run Stands are used for:

  • Engine testing features such as:
    • Oil Leaks Detected and repaired
    • Coolant Leaks Detected and repaired
    • Noises Detected and Repaired
    • Major Part defects discovered
  • Camshaft break-in,
  • Leak detection,
  • Oil Pressure Checks
  • Start-up tuning correctly done with TSS Engine Stands unique feature of a built in Vacuum Gauge
  • Performance and race engine adjustments,
  • Heat Cycle Rebuilt Engines
  • Correctly Seat gaskets
  • Re-torque Cylinder heads and other torques, after heat cycles
  • Run Engine with test headers, so new engines can be delivered looking brand new without discoloring final headers.

TSS Engine Run Stand easily adapts to:

  • Automotive Engines,
  • Boat Racing Engines,
  • Street Rod Shop and
  • Muscle Car Restoration shop applications, 
  • Small Air Craft Engines,
  • Engine Rebuilding facility requirements,
  • Industrial applications,
  • Show Room Displays for engines and dress up components. 


Take your engines in your TSS Engine Run Stand to:

  • Car shows,
  • Vendor events
  • Swap meets

To display you’re running engine and show off your components, engine dress up and performance parts - with a true Professional Presentation. 

Your stand will be the one that gets all the attention! 

TSS Engine Run Stands Patented Coolant Recovery System allows the coolant from the test engine and radiator to be quickly and efficiently drained with the turn of a ball valve into the TSS Engine Run Stands 5 gallon aluminum coolant cell.  The Coolant Cell remains in the TSS Engine Run Stand when in the storage mode.



The next time the TSS Engine Stand is needed to provide the essential testing of an engine, the coolant is already in the TSS Engine Run Stand.  The new engine is placed in the TSS Engine Run Stand and with just a flip of a switch on the Gauge Cluster, the saved coolant is pumped back into the radiator and engine’s cooling system.

No Mess, No Fuss, No wasted Coolant!

TSS Gauge Cluster is the 1st to include EVERY gauge needed to, not only test and monitor the essentials, such as temperature and

oil pressure, but also a vacuum gauge, to correctly set timing. 

For supercharged or turbo charged the vacuum gauge is also a boost gauge.

The TSS Gauge Cluster is mounted on an extendable arm with 360 degree swivel ability.  Connection to the electric sensors is by means of a retractable wire loom. 

 Each connector wire is individually labeled and connection is by the means of an alligator clip, for ease - no tools required!

The Gauge Cluster is professional wired and includes a 5 fuse control box.  The electrical system is controlled with relays to insure correct voltage and safety.

The TSS Engine Run Stand is constructed from high quality steel.  The stand rides on five 6” metal hub polyurethane castes with a 300LBS capacity each. 

The front and rear cross member are fully adjustable to fit any gasoline engine. The front engine mounts are easily adjust to suit height and width of engine mounts.

The rear mount attaches to the bellhousing mounts and this can  be attached with or without the transmission attached.

To fold up the TSS Engine Run Stand four pins are removed.  Then the front and rear cross members fold down and fold up on the TSS Engine Run Stand's main unit which holds the radiator, fuel and coolant cells, gauge cluster and fuel pumps.  The main section stands on four of the stands 5 caster wheels.

The main unit containing the radiator, fuel and coolant cells stands on three caster wheels.  the front and rear cross members are slid onto the main stand and then the end unit, with the remaining two caster wheels is slid into the main unit and secured with two of the pins.

Finally the parallel support bars are placed onto the stand and the TSS Engine Run Stand is now ¼ of its size and can be wheeled away for storage on the five caster wheels.  Everything including battery, fuel cell, coolant cell and radiator are all stored in the TSS Engine Run Stand ready for use when needed again.

TSS Radiators just like the TSS Engine Stand are made in USA. 

They begin with aluminum core cross flow vanes and high capacity aluminum tanks to handle huge horsepower engines.  All TSS ENgine Run Stands come with pushing and pulling fans.  

TSS Engine Run Stand Professional Series incorporate FOUR – YES - FOUR cooling fans, two pushing and two pulling.

In any workshop environment, the possibility of the radiator core being damaged is highly inevitable.  To prevent damage, TSS has built an exclusive Radiator Fan Shroud on BOTH the front and the back of the radiator.  This shroud doubles as a protector of the radiator.

The radiator is mounted in the TSS Engine Run Stand with

  • NO mounting bolts or nuts.  After the quick flip of two securing locks, just unplug the electrical connector for the cooling fans, and the radiator can be  easily removed .

TSS Engine Run Stands have also patented a Quick Connect System so changes to the cooling intake and outlet on the radiator require NO tools, and minimal effort. 

Quick & Easy!


TSS Engine Run Stand knows an Engine Test Stand is a valuable piece of equipment for any automotive facility.  The investment is a important decision.  TSS Engine Run Stand is not a company built by Automotive professionals.  We USE our product.  We still build performance engines and award winning hot rods.  We walk amongst our customers at almost every event, as fellow car enthusiasts.  Our reputation is something we value as our most important asset. We want you to become our friends, not just another customer.  We know you will believe in your investment.

The TSS Engine Run Stand stand has been developed by Automotive Professionals – For Automotive Professionals!


TSS Engine Run Stand is the ONLY Stand that fore fills EVERY need when you test an engine!  We have bought, used and tested every stand that was available before the wonderful introduction of the TSS Engine Run Stand!!  Please take a look at our Comparison Chart.  You be the judge.

TSS Engine Run Stand’s world 1st Fully Foldable patent- pending design accepts American and Foreign-made engines with its universal engine mount system – Without the Need of TOOLS!  Our fully adjustable engine mount system accepts most 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder engines. 

TSS Engine Run Stand have former formula One technicians, drag racers, classic car builders and many more technicians on staff.  We believe in the policy that information is free so please contact us on 310 361 0010 for any inquiry.

Our Policy is …TSS Engine Run Stand will share any information so YOU can provide the best service to your clients!

Welcome a new way of Time and Space Saving Engine Testing....

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